Blind Item Guessing Game: K Street Confidential

In today's K Street Confidential column, an interesting analysis of how lobbying reform might unfold, Jeffrey H. Birnbaum quotes three unidentified lobbyists concerning what's going on today in LobbyingLand:

* One lobbyist for health-related industries told me he's giving up seats to Nationals baseball games because he doesn't expect congressional staffers or members of Congress to be able to use them.

* Another lobbyist for a variety of industries, who is accustomed to picking up the tab for fine dining in downtown D.C., accompanied a tax staffer to lunch in the Longworth House Office Building cafeteria -- and they went Dutch.

* A third lobbyist told the board of his organization that it ought to be glad that it never set up a political fund for lawmakers because these days, he said, "PACs are guilty until proven innocent."

Any guesses as to who these people might be? If so, email us.


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