Blind Item Guessing Game: The Hard-Partying Daughter

We seem to have cornered the market in blind items about misbehaving daughters of prominent politicians. First we asked you about a cokehead daughter, and then about one who had an affair with a fundraising powerhouse. And now, we bring you this little item (courtesy of a tipster):

The daughter of a potential 2008 candidate was having a very spirited going-away party at the Tortilla Coast on Thursday night. Apparently she's leaving Washington to work for her dad back at home. Quite a few staffers from various congressional offices were on hand, as well as close friends, roommates, and God only knows how many male admirers. Word is that in her new position she'll be raising money for '08.

If you have any thoughts on who our party girl might be, please post them in the comments, or email us (subject line: "Guessing Game").

(The blind item we passed along earlier today hasn't really captured your imagination; perhaps you'll have more to say about this one.)

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