Blink and You'll Miss It

* The fact that Gonzales is a criminal is sort of like a fact accepted by pretty much everybody. Naturally, he's not losing his job. [Capitol Hill Blue]

* Republican advisers are busy picking which doomed "unannounced" campaign they're going to get their checks from. [The Gaggle]

* U.S. and Iranian officials have established the ground rules of their upcoming staring contest. [Iraq Slogger]

* The reason why Giuliani isn't getting swift-boated is because the firefighters' allegations aren't like, totally fucking made up. [Media Matters]

* Joe Biden is harassing Rudy Giuliani on YouTube, the only place anyone pays attention to anything Joe Biden says. [PrezVid]

* New Hampshire Republicans will arm themselves with assault weapons for their next fundraiser, which, you know, is pretty fucking scary. [Political Wire]

* The Military is reworking the surge so that maybe it will actually make some small part somewhere in Iraq a little bit safer maybe. [Political Animal]


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