Blog Report Report: Heavy Meta

We don't know about anyone else but we are huge fans of "The Blog Report" on "Inside Politics." See, it's about blogs. They have two young women, sitting in front of computers, reading blogs out loud. Sometimes they do a quick cut or shaky cam thing because that's what "the kids" are into. What with the MTV and whatnot.

So, welcome to Wonkette's new feature, "The Blog Report Report," where we describe CNN describing bloggers describing the news.

(4:14:52) wonkette: hey, it's time for the BLOG REPORT on CNN!

(4:14:57) wonkette: i love this segment

(4:15:12) "joe klein": me too

(4:15:17) "joe klein": i want that job

(4:15:20) wonkette: yes totally

(4:15:27) "joe klein": since it would mean that all the time i spend wasting by reading blogs would be... not wasted!

(4:18:30) "joe klein": i loathe this segment

(4:18:35) wonkette: it's so best

(4:18:38) wonkette: THEY SHOW YOU THE BLOGS

(4:18:51) wonkette: it's like when they read you the papers on washington jounral

(4:19:11) wonkette: did he said "bloggers chill out"?

(4:19:20) wonkette: feingold blogging

(4:19:24) wonkette: STOP FUCKING PRESSES

(4:19:34) "joe klien": hey get that cameraman out of the shot

(4:19:45) "joe klien": why is this chick even on TV?

(4:19:51) wonkette: SHOWING US THE BLOGS

(4:19:52) "joe klien": she's a producer

(4:20:02) "joe klien": they don't really need two people to cover the blog story

(4:20:07) "joe klien": EVERY DAY

(4:20:16) wonkette: they don't need one person to cover the blog story

(4:20:19) "joe klien": right

(4:20:28) "joe klien": now she's reading us kos's thoughts on feingold's blogging

(4:20:35) "joe klien": i will die if this thing gets any more meta

(4:21:01) "joe klien": she looks totally scared

(4:21:02) "joe klien": this chick


(4:21:25) wonkette: i love how this show assumes you haven't even opened a paper

(4:21:33) wonkette: or watched the show prior to this segment

(4:21:42) "joe klien": it assumes you ahen't done anything but... watch CNN

(4:21:44) "joe klien": and not even all day

(4:21:48) "joe klien": just for the last, like, 10 minutes

(4:21:49) wonkette: also they don't GIVE THE BLOG ADDRESS

(4:21:58) "joe klien": no but they DO highlight the text

(4:22:00) "joe klien": in yellow

(4:22:02) "joe klien": see?

(4:22:05) wonkette: yes, which helps

(4:22:06) "joe klien": you can see her highlightnig as she reads

(4:22:12) wonkette: THIS IS WHAT WE"RE READING NOW. because i am confused by text otherwise.

(4:23:03) wonkette: oh and they always have a "fun blog name of the day"!

(4:23:04) "joe klien": oh so funny

(4:23:06) "joe klien": funny stuff!

(4:23:07) "joe klien": ha

(4:23:21) "joe klien": i am so glad we had what's her name to tell us about all that

(4:23:25) wonkette: "nothing predictable about what you're finding" says judy

(4:23:26) wonkette: EXCEPT THE WHOLE SEGMENT

(4:23:27) "joe klien": phew! these kids today

(4:23:35) wonkette: ok i think i'm going to post this

(4:23:40) wonkette: this is going to be regular feature

(4:23:46) "joe klien": liveblogging the blog report

(4:23:47) "joe klien": brilliant

(4:23:55) wonkette: lazy


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