Blog Report Report: Learning a New Trick

Record NumbersWe re-examined the format of the Blog Report Report and we feel it's not quite working. Unlike CNN and the Blog Report, which is also not working, we're going to do something about it. Hence:

Five Things We Learned From Today's Blog Report

1. "is not a blog, this is a column written by Peggy Noonan." But they'll talk about it anyway.

2. "There is no telling whether the Schiavo chatter is dying down a little bit." Unlike Terri Schiavo, who is definitely dying down a little bit.

3. New FEC regs might affect blogs! Some blogs have copies of this, and "if you click on it, you can have that file and look through it for yourself. That's what it is there for." If, however, you are watching TV, you are shit out of luck.

4. "Bloggers and others need to go over the proposed regulations very carefully and examine what's unclear and what's missing." "Blog reporters," on the other hand, can just continue to read the highlighted text.

5. It is possible to fit five monitors, two "blog reporters" and two camera men into one frame. Possible, but not necessarily desirable.

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