Blog Report Report: We Miss Abbi

Oh Blonde Guy Who CaresWhat we learned today from CNN's Blog Report:

1. Abbi Tanton can be replaced. Some blonde guy was looking fearful in front of the camera today.

2. "Editors are invaluable... if a reporter gets wind of a hot story he has to confirm it before it goes to press." So that's how it works!

3. Bloggers can be hoaxed. Of course. But it takes a cable news networks to waste an entire segment on parasitic media bottom-feeders.

4. Want to find out more about the protesters being escorted out of the President's Denver event something a blog wrote about that I can't even remember now because it all happened so fast? Don't ask The Blog Report: "I don't want to get into details. . . It's an interesting read."

5. Blog Report: Not so interesting.

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