Blogger Nail Anonymous Staffer Scalp to the Wall

Glad to see that Howie Kurtz has taken up "TeriGate"! Man, is the Democrat operative who cooked up this phony "talking points" memo gonna have some 'splaining to do. He totally fucked up a perfect scheme. Planting a fake memo to make the other side look bad? Genius. Too bad Karl Rove thought of it first.

And our guy fucked up, of course. He misspelled "Terri" in the very first line of the memo. Jesus, dude. (We mean that.) Getting the name right is, like, Dirty Trickstering 101! (Cut and pasting talking points from an actual conservative website, that's in Dirty Trickstering 102, which Our Democratic Staffer must have taken out of sequence.) Oh, and everyone knows that Republicans don't make typos. God doesn't allow it. (Lets bad things happen to good people: sure. Forgets the "i before e" rule? Never.)

Lastly, we'd like to know where he got the balls to do it. Seriously.We understand that the balls of most Democratic staffers are kept in a lockbox in Harry Reid's office.

Doubts Raised On Schiavo Memo [WP]


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