Bloggers: They're Just Like Us!

Forefather of liveblogging - WonketteCourt TV is at the Scooter Libby trial, and, as can be expected, they're blogging up a storm... about the other bloggers at the Scooter Libby trial!

Correspondent and 2002 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Finalist Savannah Guthrie is as excited as you are that deranged, frothing leftists are kinda-sorta transcribing each day of the trial in real time. While she may not have caught any of their names, her "hands ache with phantom carpal tunnel syndrome just looking at the work product" of those little troopers.

Their tireless work reminds Guthrie of something, though... some warm, fuzzy memory of trials of the century gone by...

All of this reminds me of a little case we covered here on Court TV by the name of Scott Peterson....

Because, you see, CourtTV reporters used their "BlackBerrys" to send important live Peterson updates to the on-air staff. Which is pretty much the same thing as bloggers covering a trial exposing the darker machinations of the Bush inner circle.

Next time you're celebrating the information age, blogger, remember to thank Court TV -- and a certain attractive white wife-murderer named Scott Peterson.

Ain't Too Proud to Blog... About Bloggers [CourtTV]

Confidential to S.G.: "Results 1 - 10 of about 624,000 for blogdom."


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