Bloggers to Liveblog Blogging Scooter Libby's Trial (Blog)

Breaking news out of the Internet: there is something called "the Media Bloggers Association," and they are working to destroy everything right and good with the world. Oh, and also they got a couple media credentials for Scooter Libby's upcoming all-star trial. We call Dick Cheney Deposition Day!

Many observers question the wisdom of allowing bloggers to go places in public without handcuffs and hoods, and suggest that perhaps the two media seats promised to these nerds should go instead to people who don't use emoticons. Others are trying to warn Americans of the threat bloggers pose:

"The Internet today is like the American West in the 1880s. It's wild, it's crazy and everybody's got a gun," said Thomas Kunkel, dean of the University of Maryland's journalism school.

The standard of personal hygiene's about the same too.

Too Casual to Sit on Press Row? [WP]


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