Blogging: Deep Thoughts

We hear there is a conference at Harvard this weekend on blogging and ethics. They're going to work on some ideas about standards and accountability. So glad Harvard is looking into this because we're not sure anyone could figure out whether or not to trust blogs unless Harvard tells them what the deal is. We look forward to future chin scratching to come on even weightier topics: Crossing the Street: Should You Look?; Mixed Nuts: Why Does the Brazilian Nut Always Wind Up on Top? and Spending Endowment Money: Let's Just Roll Around Naked In It, Shall We?. The upside is that this conference takes place on a weekend, so there's a good chance that everyone will be bombed by noon. Oh wait, it's Harvard. Well, maybe they'll drink a lot of green tea and get gassy.

Blogging, Journalism & Credibility [Harvard University]


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