Blogging Won't Save Your Presidential Ambitions


So The Man Who Won't Be President (TMWWBP) wants to tell his side of the macaca story, and what better way to reach out to the the Internet's aghast citizenry than a blog? It's good to see that the tradition of starting fake blogs for public figures continues apace:

Promising Poll Numbers

My fellow Virginians, check out these poll numbers:


That pie chart says that only 56% of you are aware of the comments I made to my opponent's Indian volunteer.


And this one says that only 2/3 of those familiar my comments think they were inappropriate. And what's two-thirds of 56%?

Thirty-seven point five percent. My friends, that's a minority opinion. It's a them opinion. I encourage the remaining 62.5% of you to put this little blip behind you and return a proud American with real American values to the U.S. Senate.

Yours in confederacy,

George Felix Allen

[Crickets chirping]

OK, it's a work in progress. But this had better get funnier, or we're deleting this post.

George Allen's Blog [Re-Elect George Allen!]


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