Blovember Ends With a Tired, Corrupt Whimper

I don't have anything else planned for today, let's get drunk - WonketteSure, it's a bad thing to confuse & annoy the Dumb American Voter with robot phone calls and all, but if telemarketing is the final campaign scandal of the filthiest midterm meltdown in American History, we are unimpressed.

The fantastic collapse of Washington's perverted and corrupt Republican leadership has been a sick train wreck, our own cheap and vulgar Decline and Fall. The country itself is filled with people who don't vote and voters who can't think. The opposition opposes little more than being out of power -- they vow not to impeach Bush and Cheney and not to quit Iraq -- 18 U.S. troops have already been killed over there in the first six days of November.

Robot telemarketing is very bad! Stop it at once! Remember, we are a very stupid people! Vote early and often.

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Cease and Desist [NCCC]


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