Blowing George Out of Proportion

Belatedly, we learn that today Tom Brokaw is moderating a forum commemorating the 10th anniversary of "George." We didn't notice the magazine itself when it happened, either, but apparently it had a wide-ranging, permeating influence on popular culture -- without the culture knowing it. According to Richard Bradley (who was an editor at the magazine under the decidedly more appealing moniker "Rich Blow"), "George" is the Kevin Bacon of today's pop-politics nexus and its celebrity-fucking DNA is present in everything from "The West Wing" to "Air America" to Ann Coulter to (gulp) Wonkette. Of course. We wondered where we got the idea to dress up like George Washington. Most meaningfully, Bradley/Blow credits "George" with helping pave the way for "The Daily Show," saying the program "owes a creative debt" to the magazine. Hey, what's the interest for also being in English?

The George effect [Boston Globe]


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