Vietnam hero Richard "Dick" Blumenthal, having now learned that there is such a thing as "opposition research" in U.S. Senate campaigns, organized a ragtag group of elderly Marines and apparently Dennis Hopper (?) for his press conference today in an aggressive effort to save his campaign from the liberal New York Times and its monsters.

The only really interesting part of his statement is when he says, with glee, that he managed to find the phone number for enlisting into the Marines on his own and with no help. Can you imagine how difficult it was to find a military recruiter's phone number during THE VIETNAM WAR?

Anyway, we're rapidly losing interest in this story. It still seems pretty clear that he hasn't been very honest about this throughout his political career, and that's going to offend certain people into not voting for him. But something still tells us that LINDA MCMAHON OF PRO FICTIONAL TRASH-WRESTLING IS WORSE, YOU KNOW. Then again: Connecticut Senate election voters...



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