Blunt: "I Wouldn't Say Not To Refrain From Forgetting to Bribe Me..."

blunt.jpgHe can't quite seem to figure out how it happened, but Representative Roy Blunt seems to have accidentally convinced some funding-seekers to hire his former Chief of Staff as a lobbyist...

In an interview, Blunt said he recommended that the group hire a lobbyist after they asked, but he said he did not recommend Hartley. He did not have to. The leaders of Students in Free Enterprise knew Hartley as well as they knew him, Blunt said.
"I remember them asking me what I thought," he continued. "I told them I wouldn't say not to bring a new player on the field if you think you can afford it."

Excellent use of the double negative, Rep. Blunt! But we think you left out a couple important details of your message to the Students. Surely it was more like: "I wouldn't say not to bring a new player on the field [wink wink], if you think you can afford it [wink again, tap index finger against nose] -- eh? Eh? [Fake cough that sounds suspiciously like saying "Hartley"]."

Proposals Call for Disclosures of Ties to Lobbyists [WP]


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