Bo Obama Wears Bunny Ears Almost Long Enough to Distract From Michelle Obama's New Hairstyle

Bo Obama Wears Bunny Ears Almost Long Enough to Distract From Michelle Obama's New Hairstyle

Coming off avery sparkly appearance at Nickelodeon's Kids' Choice Awards last weekend (that's the one where they commemorate all their teevee stars who are now teen mothers and/or using heroin, and then Justin Bieber dumps lime green human waste on everyone, we think!) our FLOTUS is working it for the spotlight this month. Her Easter plans are shaping up to provide quite the elitist celebration, but while she waits for the big day to arrive, our Michelle is making sure to bring her Easter tidings to those who need it the most: The Troops! Michelle and Bo Obama visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Wednesday for some Easter fun, and although Michelle debuted a new hair style (it's flippy!), the major fashion statement of the day was made when Bo was forced to wear bunny ears. Hello, animal cross-dressing, next phase in the crazy Obama librul agenda!

Michelle just adores Bo the dog, probably because Sasha and Malia are too busy playing Neopets and reenacting The Hunger Games with reluctant White House staffers to dress up in fancy outfits and listen to lectures about zucchini plants. So Bo is like the fabulous gay son that Michelle always wanted. He's so fabulous, he nearly threatens discussion of Michelle Obama's new hair style.

After looking sleek (and ever so youthful!) at the Kids' Choice Awards this past Saturday night, the first lady showed up to a pre-Easter ceremony today with her hair playfully flipped out. It's hard to tell if there was an actual haircut involved or just some clever styling, but Michelle's locks swooped out on the bottom in a way we haven't seen before.

She channeled the sunny weather in a yellow print top and cardi, but it was FLOTUS' surprise guest who really nailed the spring accessories.

Michelle told the group, "And I have a final treat, which is I think the most important treat: I brought one of my best friends in the whole world, my only son -- I brought with me today -- I brought Bo."

And Bo brought his pink bunny ears, not seen since his last Youtube appearance.

Sorry, new FLOTUS hair. Your show has been stolen.

Yes, America's #1 Stage Mom Michelle Obama is so on top of her game, she has Bo in a promo video on YouTube, in which he explains the coming of Easter in what we can only imagine are his own words: THERE WILL BE GAMES. STORIES, SINGING, AND DANCING. Here is that video, and here are the photos of our FLOTUS chasing Bo around with pink bunny ears.



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