Bob Jones University To Go Paultard?

bobjones1.jpgDr. President Rep. Ron Paul is visiting South Carolina's famous fundy haven Bob Jones University today, and he will likely talk about his love of glistening fetuses. Is this a mere speech, or has BJU gone 'tard? Because its president, Dr. Bob Jones III, "endorsed" Mitt Romney in October, and now the school's distancing itself pretty hard from that one.

From the front page of BJU's official website:

Contrary to potential misinterpretations that could possibly arise from a recent statement from the Romney campaign, Bob Jones University has never officially endorsed political candidates and that policy has not changed. In late October, Dr. Bob Jones III expressed support for Governor Mitt Romney for president. In endorsing Romney, Dr. Bob Jones III spoke as a private citizen. As private citizens, we all have the privilege and responsibility to examine the options and come to a choice of conscience. It is in this role that Dr. Bob Jones III chose to endorse Gov. Romney. Dr. Jones III's statement reflects his view as a private citizen and not the view of Bob Jones University as an organization.

In other words, Mitt Romney might let black and white people date each other, but Ron Paul definitely wouldn't -- he hates one of those races, see -- so we might want to go with that guy instead.

Paul Visits Bob Jones [The Page]

[Bob Jones University]


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