Bob Kerrey, Farm Boy

tiny_bobWonkette's banned words operative sends us this ultra-polished (almost like it was intended for publication somewhere!) report on 9/11 commissioner Bob Kerrey engaging in some barnyard epithetery. Hey, he is from Nebraska! According to our professional-grade tipster, the Husker head of the New School "got into it" with some Free Republic protesters. When Kerrey demanded the activists' names, one gentleman refused to give his, saying he was simply a member of the public. "So am I, asshole," replied Kerrey.

Kerrey returned later to apologize. "Sorry I called you an asshole," he said.

Kerrey: 'So Am I, (Expletive)', direct link to video []

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We thought the New School was full of "peace, love and understanding" types. Apparently not its president, former senator and 9/11 Commission member Bob Kerrey, who once again got testy as the commission assembled to release its report.

Kerrey got into it Thursday with a pair of right-wing protesters from Free Republic who were there to vent at the Clinton administration’s response to terror and the recent document-lifting allegations surrounding Sandy Berger.

As Kerrey entered the building, they shouted after him, asking if he thought Berger should go to jail.

As seen on the streaming video clip put up by, New York City’s NBC affiliate, protester Raoul Deming then called out, "You’re a public official doing the public business. You could stick around all day today." He was referring to Kerrey’s premature departure when President Bush testified before the commission.

"Then he stormed down the steps at us," recalled protester Kristinn Taylor, who arrived dressed like Berger, with papers coming out of his sleeves and socks.

Kerrey demanded their names, which Taylor provided. Deming replied only that he was a "member of the public."

"So am I, asshole," said Kerrey.

Taylor said Kerrey returned later to apologize. "Sorry I called you an asshole," he said.


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