Rehab! - WonketteHere's your Friday News Dump: Convicted Abramoff bribe-taker, problem gambler and hopeless alcoholic Ohio Rep. Bob Ney has finally resigned from the House.

Congressional Quarterly is breaking this, right here. Our CQ spy says, "Rather hilariously, we can't find anyone in the House Clerk's office to confirm receipt of his resignation letter." Ah, the endless charms of the Friday Night News Dump. Dirty details after the jump.

It seems like years ago, but Ney only pleaded guilty and quit his re-election campaign a month ago. Some hapless loser was tossed in the race, but she's officially trailing the Dem, Zack Space, in the GOP's previously safe 18th District.

The NRCC finally gave up and pulled money for a final batch of attack ads. Great job, Bob! Oh, and Ney has reportedly finished his "rehab." What the hell was he even convicted of, anyway? Here's a reminder from those innocent days of early-mid October:

In the plea document, Ney says he accepted free trips, including a $160,000 excursion to play golf in Scotland in 2002; a $7,200 gambling vacation in New Orleans in 2003; and a $3,500 vacation in Lake George, N.Y., that same year, with lobbyists picking up the tab in each case.

Ney also accepted thousands in gambling chips at a British casino. He had a staffer carry $5,000 in cash through U.S. Customs so he wouldn't have to report tens of thousands in winnings from the casino.

Ney has admitted to inserting favorable statements into the Congressional Record that backed Abramoff's business ventures. In another instance, Ney agreed to insert an amendment into a voting overhaul bill that would allow a liquor distiller -- an Abramoff client -- based in a former Soviet republic to label its liquor as "Made in Russia."

From CQ Today: Ney Says He'll Resign From House [CQ Politics]

Ney Says He'll Resign From House Today [CQ]


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