Bob Ney Really Sorry He Left That Voicemail Last Night, but, uh, Do You Wanna Get Coffee or Something Some Time?

This is a lesson in why a) politicans shouldn't carry Blackberries when angry/drunk, b) politicians shouldn't have the email address of journalists programmed into said Blackberries, or c) politicians should be better at hiding their massive corruption. Bob Ney, drunk dialer:

In two rambling e-mails sent from his Blackberry device to Copley News Service reporter Paul Krawzak, the Republican congressman from Ohio ridiculed the veteran reporter, challenging his ethics and mocking the 5-foot-7-inch Krawzak as "big man."

Ok, we'd really like to get our hands on the full emails. We must say we admire Ney for not handing off his manhood-questioning to a subordinate. That's dedication to his constituents. More excerpts from his creatively-punctuated and spelled missive, after the jump.

Update: Ney was not drunk. Response from his office, also after the jump.

"Let me tell you paul-last week you did not call us for comment 'you were under deadline,'" began Ney, who then reflected his belief that his critics just keep recycling the same story about the golf trip. "Print the same story-change it to reprint the same story-people in new philly -- d's and r's call it 'elk's politics.'"

He concluded his message with "Go for it -- harass my wife and daughter a little bit more big man -- maybe I will take out an add talking about your ethics." The reference to his wife and daughter reflected his continuing anger that earlier this year another Copley News Service reporter, based in Ohio, interviewed his neighbors and knocked on his door seeking comment from his wife.

Lest there be any doubt about either his anger or his desire to vent that anger, the congressman sent a separate note from his Blackberry later in the day. "Please-please-print this paul-you don't care about ohio-i am sick of your crap. You are a d c person who couldn't find ohio unless we gave you a map. You don't give two shoots about our people."

Bob, we want to print it! Fw it our way! We'll put up the whole thing, we promise.

Also, "two shoots" -- cute!

Under pressure, Ney lashes out at press coverage [Times-Reporter]

Update: The Ney office sent us this clarification:

Guys -- saw the reference to "drunk dialing" and Ney -- I'll tell you that the emails were sent at 4 PM while he was between events in the district on Saturday. Absolutely no alcohol but definitely a lot of anger -- Ney doesn't buy into that theory about not taking on someone who buys ink by the barrel. In the part of Ohio he's from you tell people directly what you think of them and in this case he had a reporter who had regurgitated the same story 7 times in a 12 day span, who did not even call us for comment on the biggest story, and whose colleague in Columbus had showed up unannounced and uninvited at his family home a few months back -- harrassed his wife as she was getting the mail and then proceeded to harrass this neighbors by knocking on their doors as well and seeking information about the Congressman and his family. Let me tell, in that part of the country that guy was damn lucky he only got a few doors slammed in his face.

Bonus points for perfect usage of classic Mark Twain cliche. Points deducted for appeal to imagined down-to-earth realness of Ohioans. Result: Emails still funny.


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