Bob Novak Pulls No Punches

grrrrCould it possibly be true? Bob Novak totally kicks ass! Blah3 [Blah-Cubed?] posts that witnesses in New Hampshire yesterday saw the scowly scrivener send a guy "flying" -- and "the guy wasn't a little guy." Ladies and gentleman, we have the next Viagra spokesman.

As presented by The Blahs, it went a little like this:

    The scene: Merrimac Restaurant in Manchester.

    The players: Bob "The Body" Novak and a non-little guy.

    Non-little guy: "Traitor! Traitor!"

    Novak: Grrrrr. . .

    Flagrant foul! Bodies fly.

Clearly, only one question remains: Did he do it because he believes in freedom of speech?

NH citizen gets under Novakula's skin [Blah3]


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