Bob Odenkirk on W: Almost Making Up for Those Crappy Miller Lite Ads

From "HORNSWAGGLED!!! How the Me of Now was Tricked by the Me of Yesterday into Going to War" by President George W. Bush:

My beady eyes darted around the room, trying to register how these new nicknames were working. When a good nickname works, it perks people up. It’s like there’s suddenly, for only a brief moment, a beautiful butterfly fluttering off to the side of the person who’s been nicknamed. Their eyes look away, a tiny smile jerks the corners of their mouth, and a warm draft of air seems to envelope the nicknamer and the nicknamed. I could tell “Powtuckett” had been sweaty and a “stretch”, but Colliflower was still up for debate. It had whimsy to spare, but perhaps that would doom it to the trash bin where clunky nicknames go, a bin I have dubbed “Trashy”.

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