Bob Woodward Is Freaking Out the Hippies

Some hippy on DailyKos has revealed puzzling details from a mysterious book-tour stop by noted spook Bob Woodward.

Bob was pimping that "Now we don't like Bush" book at some college a few months back. First, he freaked out the hippies by demanding the lights in the theater be turned on, so he could see everybody. Then, he carefully looked at each person's face. Satisfied that Carl Bernstein wasn't there to heckle again, Woodward then gave a terse, boring speech and answered a few dull questions with equally dull answers.

Then he warned the audience to "beware of the Secret Government," and apparently repeated it a few times like a street person. That was it. The DailyKos crowd is now frantically discussing the possibility that Dick Cheney runs the Secret Government -- which most people have known for seven years now -- and that Dick is also out to kill Woodward. Why? Because there's a war on between the regular old nice-by-comparison power structure (James Baker, Bill Clinton, Bush 41, Queen Elizabeth, etc.) and Cheney, who is going to kill all of them ... after he kills Rahm Emmanuel.

Bob Woodward's warning re. "Secret Government" [Daily Kos]


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