Bobby Kennedy Was Assassinated 40 Years Ago

As Hillary Clinton has been reminding us during the long 2008 primary season, Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June. Historians say RFK was specifically shot, multiple times, 40 years ago today, in thetranquil year of 1968, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles after winning the California primary.

(The anniversary of RFK's assassination is June 5, 1968, because he was shot just after midnight California time following his June 4 primary victory. He died at 1:44 a.m. Pacific time on June 6, at Good Samaritan Hospital a few miles from the mid-Wilshire Ambassador, 26 hours after being shot.)

It was all just like Hillary's campaign, except for these minor differences:

  • RFK had entered the race just three months earlier, in March of 1968. Hillary began officially campaigning on January 20, 2007, nearly two years before the November 2008 election.
  • RFK reportedly had no interest in the 1968 White House race until March of that year, while Hillary had been unofficially running since John Kerry lost in 2004.
  • RFK was a young anti-war candidate who excited young voters who wanted a change from the war-crazed Democrat in the White House, while Hillary is a war-crazed Democrat who actually lived in the White House for eight years.
  • At the scene of RFK's assassination, everybody from Rosemary Clooney (who had a nervous breakdown) to George Plimpton and Rosie Grier were at hand. There was nobody at the scene of Hillary's concession, as she did it in a 2 a.m. email sent only to her followers.

Experts also note that Bobby Kennedy has like 45 daughters and granddaughters and they will soon take over the world, with Obama.

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