Boehner: Healthiest T-Zone In Congress

boehner.jpgWe know, we know. New Republican Majority Leader John Boehner is "perpetually tan." A Hill staffer told us a story about the Boehn on one of those (perfectly ethical!) paid junkets to some far-off socialist European land, in which the charming natives repeatedly asked him if he'd been spending time on the beach. The Boehn explained that Ohio isn't really known for its lovely shoreline, and explained no more. But enough with his leathery exterior and piercing blue eyes -- we're most intrigued by his less photogenic proclivities. Specifically, his oft-referenced but seldom-seen smoking habit. Said staffer said (there's a fun phrase) Boehner can scarcely wait to leave House chambers before he sucks down a pack -- so why aren't there any damn pictures? We may just be longing for the days of ashtrays on the Tonight Show, but it seems a bit odd that journos describe the man's "ever-present" cig and don't provide the visual evidence.

So find a picture of the Boehn smoking (you pronounce that however you please) and send it in. After all -- he may be DC's last hope for overturning the smoking ban.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, send us one of "reformed smoker" Barack Obama. Those who send in a pictures of the two of them smoking together, possibly by the dumpsters behind the Capitol, will receive either a full week of posts dedicated to viciously attacking their preferred politician or media figure or a carton of Barclays.

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