Bolten to Suggest Replacing Zoellick With Thom Filicia

"I'm a loooooonesome schoolboy, and I just came into town..." (AP)

Queerty, the World's Gayest Blog*, has a bit of fun at Josh Bolten's expense, notes that the recent gift disclosure release proved Yosh's love for Key West and the Legitimate Stage. We love a bit of sly winking as much as the next ethically questionable reckless pseudo-journalist, but we're not entirely convinced that a friend of Dorothy would be caught dead dressed like the fellow at the top of this post.

Though any self-respecting "lifelong bachelor" of the Roy Cohn school would, of course, be romantically linked in the columns to Bo Derek. Which we caught way back in March, and the rest of you insinuators are just catching up now? Anyway, if you want more grist for your giggling whisper campaigns, how about the fact that the hed on yesterday's Times profile of our boy compliments his "eye for detail," then the piece opens with him literally rearranging the Roosevelt Room. Might that be a queer eye, Ms. Stolberg?

*The Drudge Report is not a blog.

We're Just Sayin': Chief of Staff Josh Bolten Loves Key West & The Theatre [Queerty]

An Eye for Detail and the Resolve to Push Change [NYT]

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