Bono Will Save Washington, Again!

* Heard on the Hill:Rep. Jim Costa and Lisa Quigley put the past behind them for the Blue Dog pack... Former chef for the Members' Dining Room Janie Golman took "Jane's Fried Chicken" with her when she retired... Gloating much, Sen. Benjamin Cardin? [Roll Call]

* Yeas and Nays:Bono is back... Arlington realtor Frank Borges LLosa earns a spot in the "Top 10 Worst Realtor Headshots." [Examiner]

* In the Know:Rep. Trent Franks is no longer a sports guy... The FIlangieri Society isn't happy with Rep. Gary Ackerman and his anti-Christmas attitude... Rep. Mike Simpson isn't getting a haircut anytime soon... Nancy Pelosi is looking a little more Posh. [The Hill]

* Shenanigans:Coburn, Graham, DeMint, oh my!... Too many Fentons... It's the End of an Error. [Politico]


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