Book Buyers Less Into Lesbianism Than Frat Boys

Poor Mary Cheney. PageOneQ reports:

mary%20cheney%20now%20it%27s%20my%20turn%20book%20cover.jpgMary Cheney's book, Now It's My Turn, has sold less than 6,000 copies since it hit bookstores.... With a reported advance of $1 million, Simon and Schuster would need to realize a profit of $166.66 on each book sold so far in order to break even, an impossible goal for a book with a cover price of $25.00.

Sales numbers from Neilsen Bookscan, as reported by the Advocate, indicate that during the week of June 3, the books sold 574 nationwide. This number, the Advocate reported, is 77% less sales than the number sold during the book's first week on the shelves, 2,445.

Sounds like Mary should leave literary lesbianism to her Mom.

An report on a recent book signing by Cheney, after the jump.

The signing took place late last month. Here's the report:

Where were all the Lace Curtain Republicans? Everybody was 'girlcotting' Mary Cheney's booksigning at Trover's Book Shop on Capitol Hill. I remember when "Growing Up Brady" had people out on the sidewalk. Not so for "Growing Up Bratty."

There were just some sales people & her security team. I didn't want to get too close nor linger too long and be mistaken for a fan and/or stalker.

But the blame for the book's poor sales may not rest entirely upon Cheney's shoulders; she was limited by her material. It's tough to pen a bestseller without a little bit of this.

Very few sales for Mary Cheney's book [PageOneQ]


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