Booking Notes From All Over

A colleague (by which we mean, "drinking buddy") forwarded along this request:

Hi. [name deleted] here, booker-researcher at MSNBC. We are looking for someone (probably not at [publication deleted] but perhaps you know someone somewhere. . . ) who is anti-Martha Stewart, from an economic and social perspective. That she is a "cancer" on our nation and that her ressurection makes lying and deception seem validated and "okay" somehow. I'm wondering if you might have any guests that you could suggest. That would be great. Anyone who could approach the story from a social commentary perspective. Thanks for whatever help you can extend.

All my best, [Booker]

Gee, having a hard time finding a talking head to call someone a "cancer on our nation" on cue? Where's Ann Coulter when you need her...

Don't answer that.


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