Boomer, Millennial, Or Gen Z? Tabs, Wed., Oct. 13, 2021
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Dok is on vacation, sorry I forgot to warn you he is on vacation, I know you worry.

This is nice! Now we all just have to be cancer researchers with three hours to spare explaining "vaccine" to every person in the world! (WFTV)

Can't just talk about the wonderful things they would do, Democrats have to deliver. — David Dayen at The American Prospect

Redpilled and tenured University of Montana computer science professor a real gross jerk, although at least it's nice that the department chair is the one who reported his gross jerk ass. Oh guess what, he's an excommunicated fundamentalist Mormon. (Please don't be racist to Mormons, commenters. But yeah, I'm still reading Under the Banner of Heaven and fundamentalist Mormonism sure is pertinent to a lot of the QAnon MAGA violence and getting your facts directly from God that is making society so awesome today.) — Montana Kaimin

Important. Having an LGBT-friendly space at school has "an outsized effect on lower suicide attempts among youth when compared with LGBTQ+-affirming homes and workplaces." And yet schools are banning even pride flags as "divisive." (19th News)

It gets so much worse. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott memoryholed a state Department of Family Services webpage for teens with suicide hotline info, because someone running to his Right painted him as pro-trans. — Houston Chronicle

Italian fascists? The fuck you say! (Daily Kos)

BREAKING! Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito So Full Of Shit His Name Is Samuel Alito. By Adam Serwer. — The Atlantic

Well NOW I know what Ozy Media was (and may become again?), and WOOF, fuck those guys. Also, Wonkette is also worth $159 million, please send money. (Defector)

Could Alzheimer's be a combination of gene and the herp? — BBC

I'm halfway through this beautiful story about the rewilding of Glen Canyon as Lake Powell evaporates, and I'm at the part about Powell's expedition floating through what astounded them with its marvelous beauty. This is appropriate, because I'm still only halfway through Under the Banner of Heaven, but now I'm at the part where the fundamentalist Mormons almost certainly murdered three members of Powell's expedition! Don't we have fun. (The New Yorker)

The math of starting a farm. — Civil Eats

Good luck, Louisiana seafood industry, we love you. (NoLa)

Pan-roasted chicken with grapes, garlic, and rosemary. — Food and Wine

I only watch stupid comedies and baking shows at night because I spend all day every day on *gestures wildly around* this. But if I did watch scary or stressful movies, I bet I would be kerplunkled by The Mad Women's Ball. Ebert

This millions of dollars Ann Arbor flip is fine (yes of course we all love the windows and whatnot), whatever, but mostly I'm including it because it's fun to slide the sliders. (Realtor)

What will the new American suburbs look like? Noah Smith speculates! (NoahPinion)

Christmas is coming. Small businesspeople and craftpeople, send me your Etsys!

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