A Booze-Filled Countdown To Jesus's Birth

Thursday, December 16: Generation Obama-D.C. seems to have missed the part where Obama turned Republican and told his minions that he no longer loves them: At what could be the least merry holiday party EVER, they will be gathering to celebrate Progress (pass out resumes) at Hawk ‘n Dove on Thursday night from 6-9PM. $5. ["Celebrate The Progress" Happy Hour on Capitol Hill]

  • Saturday, December 18: D.C.'s band of hipster misfits is hosting a Christmas Lights Art Car Parade (hipsters have cars?) on Saturday. The parade starts in Georgetown, includes a dramatic reading of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” at Politics and Prose and somehow ends with music and beer at Comet Ping Pong. It will be a “night for the history books,” so they claim, or maybe it will just be a parade. [Brightest Young Things]
  • Sunday, December 19: Nothing seems to get people in the mood to party in December like searching thrift stores or their parents' closets for ugly Christmas sweaters. Jesus loves it when pretty people dress uglily on purpose after taking the best sweaters from Goodwill. Eat Bar is hosting an Ugly Sweater Party on Sunday, from 6 PM – 1AM. And yes, the worst-looking person gets a prize. [GregsListDC]
  • Monday, December 20: Before you go home for the holidays to visit your Home Friends, there is the obligatory last meal with your D.C. Friends. Casa Nonna's Monday night all-you-can-eat pasta deal -- $18 dollars for heaping piles of spaghetti and meatballs -- provides the perfect spot for this last meal. [Casa Nonna]
  • New York Cometh?: With New York ever so eager to throw poo at all things Washington, it's surprising that they'll let one of their restaurants settle in one of our meager quadrants. Get excited (or not) because Hill Country, a barbecue restaurant from the Big Cit-ay, will be opening in the District early next year. [PQ Living]

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