Boozy Solipsist Baffled, Alarmed by YouTube

What, exactly, inspired Christopher Hitchens to go on at length about how obnoxious he finds the second-person singular pronoun? His intoxicated fury upon visiting for the first time a website that everyone else on the internet has seen a thousand times.

I have just been sent a link to an Internet site that shows me delivering a speech some years ago. This is my quite unsolicited introduction to the now-inescapable phenomenon of YouTube. It comes with another link, enabling me to see other movies of myself all over the place. What's "You" about this? It's a MeTube, for me.

Ok, Hitch. Of course he quickly loses sight of this incomprehensible complaint and moves on to a bitchy disquisition on the term "sex object" (we're already well beyond the Andy Rooney-via-Oxford observations on Rite-Aid cashiers, pharmaceutical ads, and Old Black People From the South Who Love Christopher Hitchens), followed by a final thought on "global-scale problems and mass-society populism" and a pithy "me decade" send-off.

Christ, if anyone ever shows this guy MySpace we'll get a thousand words on the concept of property and how a bus driver once annoyed him in 1987.

Welcome to the You Decade [Slate]


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