• Traditionally, the governors of all the states on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border (did you know that Mexico has "states," with "governors"?) get together once a year to "celebrate border bonhomie ... issue proclamations and pledges to work together, air grievances and concerns behind closed doors." In other words, they drink unseemly amounts of tequila and go to strip clubs. But this year the host was supposed to be Jan Brewer, and all the Mexican governors (plus Bill Richardson) are afraid she will personally deport them when they show up for the shindig, so they're thinking about doing it somewhere else, or maybe not doing it at all, and Jan will cry at home by herself and tell herself that when she goes to college, people won't be petty like this, they'll recognize her as an interesting and unique person and want to hang out with her. [NYT]
  • Outgoing Hawaiian governor Linda Lingle vetoed Hawaii's civil unions bill, and proposed that the concept be put to a popular vote, because that always goes well. [Star-Advertiser]
  • Levi Johnston claims that some of the hilarious and awesome things he said about the Palins after he and Bristol broke up were "were not completely true." He is recanting now because he is a true romantic who wants Bristol to love him again. He is not saying which of his previous statements are lies because he needs leverage for future baby-momma drama. [WP]
  • Not enough people support tackily dressed toupee-wearing felon James Traficant's Congressional bid, so he won't be on the ballot, denying Wonkette easy posts for months. [AP]
  • Darrell Issa is officially the most annoying person in politics. [NYT]

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