Boring Mitt Romney Makes Dumb Yet Boring Mistake


First Read:

Romney should be glad that Barbour made news yesterday, because his blunder -- mistakenly saying that Obama has been engaged in “one of the biggest PEACETIME spending binges in American history” -- was an unforced error for the one-term former governor. A Romney spokeswoman later told First Read, “He meant to say since World War II.” (Yet how does one misspeak in an unfiltered op-ed?) The good news here for Romney is that the slow start to the GOP race minimized any damage (what if this had occurred at a debate or when all the camps' war rooms are fully operational?). The potential bad news: The slow start only will magnify future gaffes and blunders when the GOP campaign is fully underway.

No, the fact that Mitt Romney is a superhuman bore and calling a period in which three wars are being fought "peacetime" is also pretty boring, especially when that's written by such a boring man. The boring bore's boring start will only magnify his boring until boring bore bore boring boring boring bore boring bore bore zzzzz zzzzzzzzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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