Boston Shuts Down Again, Over Terrorist Traffic-Counter Box

Scary! - WonketteYou know those traffic-counting gizmos that city workers string across streets to figure out how many vehicles are passing? Well, the brave anti-terrorism officials of Boston most certainly do not know of these common devices -- so they shut down the city today, again, and blew up the traffic counter. You know, the traffic counter the City of Boston was paying for ....

We're all for the retarded people being given Homeland Security jobs, but this is getting ridiculous.

Last month, Boston anti-terrorism idiots shut down the city because these guys left some Lite Brite(TM) toys sitting around. Imagine being so crazy that you go home every night and blow up all your kids' toys, and probably everything in the garage, too, because you are crazy and scared of all common objects. That's our Boston: from proud birthplace of the American Revolution to a city of drooling idiots just blowin' shit up.

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