Brain-Eating Space Virus Roger Ailes Turns on Itself


Media Matters just flagged this bizarre statement it found in the transcript of an April speech that Ailes gave at the UNC School of Journalism: "We have one conservative on FOX News, Sean Hannity." That's it! Just that one, according to Roger Ailes, who may or may not be losing functioning in his frontal lobe. Or is there another explanation?

Here's the full part about Hannity:

Well, first, I separate out news from programming. If you’re talking about programming, we noticed that all the talk shows on the other networks basically had progressive or liberal talk show hosts. We have one conservative on FOX News, Sean Hannity. Quite open about it, that’s what he is, that’s what he does, that’s his framework, that’s where he comes from. Others tend to be libertarians or populists or you can’t really tell.

Right. And then it gets weird.

We actually believe in freedom of speech and we have many, many liberals on FOX News. Geraldine Ferraro, for instance, who became a good friend of mine, passed away recently, was there for 10 years. We have a man running for president, Evan Bayh of Indiana. We have Sarah Palin and we have other people, Huckabee and so on.

Either the speech transcriber has brain rot or Roger Ailes does, because we just read that Evan Bayh is running for president and Sarah Palin is a liberal commentator. [UNC School of Journalism via Media Matters]


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