Have fun in prison! - WonketteLet's meet today's loathsome child-fucking politician. Yeah, he's just some nobody legislative staffer for a state assemblyman, but Lamar B. Freeman's crimes are so heinous that he deserves some front-page hatin' -- and ladies, this one's a Democrat. But the story is so sick and convoluted that we'll just let Wonkette Operative "Underclassed" do the explaining:

"The Reader's Digest version is an ex-legislative aide for the former Assembly Speaker of New York just got sentenced to 13 years for repeatedly molesting a 6-year-old girl, and in the process infecting her with herpes. Also, he molested this girl's mom years ago, driving her to drugs, and now fears for his cornhole in prison.

He's a Democrat, for a change, but keep in mind that the Democrats in Buffalo are just as corrupt and shiftless as Republicans anywhere else."

Ex-state legislative aide gets prison for molesting and infecting girl, 6 [Buffalo News]

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