Brave Patriot Complains To Wonkette Re: 'blacks, mexicans, whit trash'


Is that you, Bristol?As always with the very special emails to your Wonkette, tonight's gem offers no particular point of reference. We can assume it's a generalized response to this or that post about income inequality or the nation's biggest corporations evading all taxation, but assumptions are never wise when dealing with a teatard on the Hotmail. Are you ready for some random capitalization and rows of furious question marks and a denunciation of state colleges, for some reason?



date: Sat, Apr 2, 2011 at 7:37 PM

subject: socialist

why don't you just get out of AMerica and save us all the embarrassment of having an x-hippie, pot smoking, more then likely state educated, liberal socialist, HERE... You don't belong, there is no room for you outside of whatever city you live in, and whatever group of like minded MORONS you run with.

Wonkette, the news outlet you are "editor" for is horrible, do you think that is serving a point??The only people that read your trash are people who are trying to see JUST HOW fucked up the left is, and your followers who ARE just like you and can LEAVE as well. During the next 10 years I predict a situation in that of which many people in this country that are dependent on social programs, have the cord cut(i.e., we cant pay the fat welfare mom on disabilities any more) . This in turn will lead to an obliteration of welfare programs, because we will SEE what type of people are rioting(i.e. YOU, blacks, mexicans, whit trash,40,000,000 americans on DA), and know we are not hurting anyone, of any real consiquence(i.e. they DON'T PRODUCE ANYTHING!!!), AND SHUT IT DOWN, placing more of my hard earned paycheck in my pocket!

Get It?????

Uh, not really. But maybe that's a "consiquence" of being a "state educated liberal socialist."

The real question is this: Why did Mr. Angry $35K-a-year Guy copy this to someone with a Yahoo address calling themselves "AKteenamerica"? Is that you, Bristol?


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