Brave Reporter Actually Calls Up Georgia Mayor To Solve Facebook Status Mystery


Oh hot dang, somebody got ahold of an old-fashioned talky device called a "telephone" and called the mayor of the fancifully named Dallas, Georgia to learn what he meant when he posted something on Facebook about Obama giving Gordon Brown "a quart of the Bull." Was this horrible racism? And does it mean that your editor is hopelessly old and naive that the first thing she thought of when she heard "the Bull" was Red Bull?

The answers, of course, are yes and yes. Anyway, here's what went down when intrepid Creative Loafing reporter Thomas Wheatley spoke with hapless mayor Boyd Austin:

In a phone conversation with CL last night, Austin said “I’ve got some folks who play with my Facebook” and asked me to email him the Wonkette link. He said he’d get back to me. No response as of this writing, though. [...]

Austin has since cleared his status, but the questionable update remains on his Facebook Wall. [...] I guess the lesson we learn from this is that it’s best not to let “some folks” have access to your Facebook profile, especially when you’re the mayor of a city. Or at least change your privacy settings.

Mystery solved! Boyd Austin is bedeviled by trolls, the end.

Georgia mayor’s Facebook page confuses nation [Creative Loafing]


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