Brave Senate Saves Massive Gov't Spending Bill

There were many frayed nerves Monday -- about777 frayed nerves, or more than $1 trillion in soiled panties -- when the loopy House of Representatives voted against a giant government spending bill to help homeless Wall Street executives buy one of John McCain's unwanted mansions. But everybody with money can rejoice again, because the Senate voted tonight, 74-25, to approve an even bigger spending bill that includes not only the original $700 billion blank check for Hank Paulson, but also a lot of those "earmarks." John McCain voted YES, obviously.

He needed a team of handlers to explain which part of the Capitol was "the Senate," as he has been there exactly twice in six months, and once was last week when he both saved and destroyed the global economy by showing up for a day and canceling a crucial Letterman appearance.

Barack Obama was there, too! He voted for it, but quietly, with dignity and a serious shaking of the head, probably while McCain threw clumps of feces.

Let's see, 74, 25 ... that means only one senator wasn't there! Must've been Ted Kennedy, who is sick with the cancer. Yep, the news-googles agree with our guesstimate.

So, now the House will approve this Senate-y version because ... why not? Unless the House refuses it, because Newt Gingrich threatens to hold back on reach-arounds in the House gym.

Senate Passes $700B Rescue [AP Yahoo]


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