Brave Warrior James O'Keefe Says Conservatives Should Be Brave, Have Big Balls Like Him

The last time we checked in with Mobile Ego Unit James O'Keefe, the nasty little spud was on the receiving end of aworld-class cussing-out at the hands of former US Attorney Jim Letten, who didn't want a free copy of O'Keefe's stupid book. This weekend, O'Keefe went to flog his book on friendlier turf, an Eagle Forum podcast hosted by Phyllis Schlafly's niece Anne Cori, where O'Keefe could be a victim of liberal persecution without actually having to go outdoors and get yelled at.

O'Keefe had a message of tough love for fellow conservatives, who he worries are “afraid to be effective because to be effective is to be hated.” He did not consider an alternative hypothesis, which is that being hated is more the result of being an obnoxious little weasel.

O'Keefe told Cori that his fellow wingnuts need to stop being so darn timid:

I think the problem with the Right, the Right – that is, the conservatives – they don’t like blood in the water. I mean that in a figurative sense. They don’t like shaking things up. They’re afraid to be effective because to be effective is to be hated. One of the things that Rush Limbaugh said, I can’t remember where he said it, but he said, ‘You have to understand that when people hate you and fear you, it’s a sign of respect.

Yes, we have long thought that the biggest problem with the Right is its unwillingness to speak up above the occasional whisper in a quiet room. Perhaps they could try yelling "You lie!" during a presidential speech sometime -- and just for fun, they could be lying when they yell that?

Still, O'Keefe acknowledged, fighting the brave fight can have consequences:

And I think it’s impossible to be effective as a conservative without being feared and hated and attacked in a very nasty way. These people don’t play nice, they don’t debate you. They try to destroy you using the government.

We'll assume he's talking about how he was unfairly persecuted after trying to do something nasty in Senator Mary Landrieu's office? That out-of-control government! Look how liberals use it to go after people who are just innocently trying to sneak into a senator's office dressed as phone repairmen. Add to that the fact that people found out about his creepy dildo-boat adventure and his maybe-drugging of former collaborator Nadia Naffe, and you have a huge record of government persecution, except for the part where the government had nothing to do with the latter two examples. (Naffe is pursuing a civil harassment lawsuit against O'Keefe, so maybe the court's allowing a woman to sue him counts as a government attempt to destroy him.)

Cori then asked if O'Keefe had any "advice for people who wilt in the face of criticism," and he sagely replied, "Advice for them? To speak frankly: Get some balls."

Bravo, you brave little warrior.


Doktor Zoom

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