Breaking: Aging Hippie Dislikes President Bush

neilyoung.jpgYou know, Mr. Young, we may have to revoke your license to rock in the free world if you keep up like this:

"Neil just finished writing and recording - with no warning - a new album called Living With War. It all happened in three days." [...]

Demme continues, "It is a brilliant electric assault, accompanied by a 100-voice choir, on Bush and the war in Iraq...Truly mind blowing. Will be in stores soon."

Details are pretty scarce, but the featured track, titled "Impeach the President," features a rap with Bush's voice set to the choir chanting "flip/flop" and the like.

That really sounds like the absolute worst song ever recorded. Though at least he left himself open to future political stands by leaving the title generic like that.

Neil, we hate to be the ones to remind you, but you're Canadian. You guys dissolved your parliament or whatever it's called like last week, isn't there a grace period before you go around kicking out other people's elected officers? Sure, "Pass of Motion of No Confidence, Necessitating a General Election That Will Hopefully Result In the Appointment of a New Prime Minister" isn't as catchy a title, but if you're releasing three-day albums now, you can't be too picky.

And why bitch? Under the President's new immigration plan, you'll be allowed to stay in California for upwards of six years if you register as a guest worker!

Neil Young to Announces New Album...And It's Already Finished [Harp]


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