BREAKING: Andrew Sullivan Hacked!

Andrew Sullivan has been broken into, and not in a good way. As of right now, dispays a couple of broken jpgs and the message: "sorry i hacked you," as well as the signature, "HackeD bY revie_perizh #carderx on DALNET."


And here we were just reading in the Post that "[a]lthough it may feel good to blog, psychologists warn that going public with private musings may have ramifications." Thought they were talking about getting Dan Rather fired or something...

UPDATE, 9:30 AM: Still no sign of the blue-and-white digital noodlings of Washington's hairiest gay conservative pundit. Perhaps it's intentional? A performance art piece about how the far right has "hacked" the GOP?

UPDATE 10:36 AM: He's back! Rove did it.

Cyber-Catharsis: Bloggers Use Web Sites as Therapy [WP]


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