BREAKING: Ben Bernanke Not a Female Texan Lawyer with Penchant for Exclamation Points

The Beards-1Who is Ben Bernanke, Bush's nominee for Fed chair? We'll tell you one thing: He's not Harriet Miers.

"New Fed chief no Harriet Miers" (The Gazette)

"Ben , he's no Harriet Miers!" (Fortune)

"The anti-Harriet-Miers" (USAT)

"Everything Harriet Miers isn't." (LAT)

"The perfect counterpoint to the Harriet Miers selection" (AP)

Of course, all this harping on how Miers and Bernanke are different misses one crucial similarity: They both have beards.


"A Love That Was Benched by Their Careers: The long-standing relationship between high court nominee Harriet Miers and Texas jurist Nathan Hecht entrances and puzzles their friends." [LAT]

"He's also got a very nicely trimmed beard. ... very nicely trimmed beard. We'll watch that, see how it grows over the next few weeks." [CNN]


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