BREAKING: Burkett Not Added to KE04 Team

we forgot wolfsonYou may have heard: This morning, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported that the Kerry campaign had asked archival researcher Bill Burkett to give them the memos on Bush's guard service. But it turns out that Bill Burkett was not talking about the Kerry campaign when he said "They tried to convince me as to why I should give them the documents." He was talking about CBS. Which is a relief, because otherwise, we'd need to update the KE04 floor plan to include Burkett, and we're not sure there's room for both his desk and the special aluminum-foil-lined pod that protects him from the Trilateral Commission's mind-control rays. It is getting a little crowded over there.

And, yes, the Star-Telegram has published a retraction. Which is good, since it was, you know, wrong. Of course, the blogosphere's crack fact-checking team has already figured that out, because it's just the mainstream media that seizes upon dubious claims solely because they fit into some pre-existing set of beliefs. Ha-ha. Silly mainstream media.

CBS source denies plotting with Kerry [Fort Worth S-T]

KE Floor Plan Revealed! [Wonkette]


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