thanks, princess sparkle pony! - WonketteSCANDAL ALERT: Condi Rice co-owns a house with a Stanford liberal documentary director who used to make liberal documentaries with Bill Moyers! What a hypocrite. Rice, of course, works for an administration that is totally conservative and always doing things against liberals -- and now we find out that she shares a home with a liberal?

According to Washington Post diplomatic correspondent Glenn Kessler's book about Condi -- which we sort of flipped through, but obviously not closely enough -- Rice owns a house with liberal filmmaker Randy Bean. Oh, and there's a third co-owner, too: "Coit Blacker, a Stanford professor who is openly gay." Oh, and Randy Bean's a woman.

Rice and Bean -- ha ha, "rice and bean" -- also shared a line of credit the way married people tend to share a line of credit.

Somehow (maybe because we didn't read it at the time, and didn't work for Wonkette at the time), we missed this 2005 Sunday fluff feature in the Washington Post all about Condi's love of football:

Rice earned her PhD in international relations at Denver in 1981, and became an assistant professor at Stanford, where the football program was flagging. She went to every home game anyway, and met her best friend in the process -- Randy Bean, also a daughter of a minister who raised her to love football.

"People ask how we became friends and I always say, 'God and football,' " said Bean, a documentary filmmaker for Stanford. "I could forgive Condi her politics because she loved football, and likewise she could forgive mine."

We'll leave it at that. Well, not really, because first we'll quote from the Raw Story article:

The blogger who first posted emails about former Rep. Mark Foley's (R-FL) solicitation of male Congressional pages, Lane Hudson, also questions Rice's silence.

"Secretary Rice has typified the juxtaposition that many Republicans have between their public and private lives," Hudson said. "Privately, she is very supportive of gays. However, she heads a State Department that has done little to move foreign governments around the world in the direction of equal rights for their citizens."

Steve Clemons, who blogs at The Washington Note -- and who travels in high-level foreign policy circles -- told RAW STORY that "Condoleeza Rice may or may not be gay but that she is in a relationship which legitimately raises these kinds of questions. Before he took office, the president and first lady had close relationships with a number of gay men, including Charles Francis, whose brother managed Bush's reelection campaign for Texas governor."

Secretary of State, who keeps private life shrouded, co-owns home with female filmmaker [Raw Story]

Team Rice, Playing Away [Washington Post]


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