BREAKING: Edwards To Suspend Campaign, Maybe, Possibly, Don't Rely On Us For Hard News For God's Sake

Anonymous Wonkette operatives and sources at the Politico are saying that John Edwards' wife's cancer has reoccurred and that he will be "suspending" his campaign. We will show an ounce of class for once and not make too much funny here, but if it's true, and, as we hope, she's OK in the long run, we could think of worse political situations in which to find yourself around December of 2007 than to be able to say, "Hey, I've just spent the last six months at the side of my sick wife! What have you other candidates been doing? Wow, insulting and screaming at each other? Sounds fun! Sorry I missed it!"

A friend of Edwards tells the Politico that "You don't shut this machine off completely, but everything will go on hold," which does give the amusing image of the Edwards campaign as a giant, clanking ro-bot that just keeps wandering around at random even though the candidate is no longer at the controls.

By the way, this pre-press-conference post is also to make up for the fact that the press conference will not be live-blogged unless Ken Layne gets out of bed early on the west coast, as your guest blogger doesn't have cable.

Edwards to Suspend Campaign [Politico]


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