Breaking: Elena Kagan Went To College, Wrote Trotsky-Haiku


  • FACT: Elena Kagan went to college, where she majored in Unamerican Studies and wrote a 1,000 page honors thesis in which she described Stalin as a "total studmuffin." [RedState]

  • Big Barack Obummer: The government is definitely going to electronically track the pH level and blubber content of your child! [The Corner]

  • Oh, and then Barack Obama used an automobile metaphor, something about Republicans being too drunk to drive so give him the keys, he's really disappointed and he's calling everyone's parents. [Think Progress]

  • Chris Christie refers to a cantankerous reporter as "thin-skinned," which is actually a compliment because Chris Christie loves thin skin -- for snacking on between meals. (He's fat!) [Weekly Standard]

  • Gen. Stanley McChrystal admits that "nobody is winning" Afghanistan but also that the Taliban probably Won the Afternoon, at least. [The Daily Dish]


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