Breaking: Fire at the Heritage Foundation

heritage%20foundation%20fire%203.jpgThe Heritage Foundation is committed to principles of limited government. But presumably they still believe in the fire department. This just in, around 9 p.m.:

My apartment looks out at the back of the Heritage Foundation building on Mass Ave NE. About 30 minutes ago I saw flashes outside that were a little too frequent to be lightning. I looked out my kitchen window and saw sparks and open flames (!) coming out of the side of their HVAC unit. After briefly contemplating the substantial societal benefits of the Heritage Foundation burning to the ground, I decided that the well-being of the night cleaning crew merited a call to 911. Several fire engines showed up and within a few minutes the fire was out.

So, that's about it. Not really that exciting, but hey, I thought it might be a slow night at Wonkette Towers so I am sending a few pictures (attached).

It has been a slow night around here, so we're grateful to this reader -- and the Heritage Foundation should be too. Perhaps they can send him complimentary copies of The Heritage Guide to the Constitution and the 2006 Index of Economic Freedom?

(We know you guys don't believe in handouts. But this guy saved your building from burning down -- so really, it's the least you could do.)

After the jump, two additional photos of the scene.




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