BREAKING! Gale Norton to Resign

foia2.jpgIf, while out on this beautiful sunny day, you suddenly had the strange feeling like all the trees and fluffy woodland creatures had just breathed a silent sigh of relief, as if one of their natural enemies had just been dispatched, WONDER NO LONGER!

According to the Associated Press, Interior Secretary Gale Norton is going to announce her resignation today, and THAT'S according to "Senior Administration Official" and "Another Source Familiar." Those two are CRAZY!

Both spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they did not want to upstage an announcement from the White House.


And in case you're wondering why all this is happening, we suggest you check the picture above. Happy Abramoffukah!

Sources: Interior Secretary To Resign [AP]

Interior Secretary to resign; Ties to Abramoff Indian deals [Raw Story]


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